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BizDev Mastermind Podcast

Dec 4, 2019

Brady is a Property Management business owner operating across Southern California who has grown his business in a unique way.  From direct mail to "Branch Managers" Scott is proving that there is more than one road to leading to increased revenue.  Looking for some red meat that you can implement today?  Scott is here...

Nov 27, 2019

Today on the BizDev Mastermind Podcast, we have a VERY special guest - Abi Wasserman of PMW. You've probably seen her around at the conferences, and if you've talked with her for more than 5 minutes, you already know: She knows her stuff.

On this episode we will discuss her role in the upcoming BizDev Seminar in...

Nov 27, 2019

Are you a BDM? Company owner acting as a BDM? Do you manage a BDM? Do you want to be one? Do you hope to hire one soon? If you answered Yes to any of those questions, this podcast is for you!

Today we have Kristen Robinette, BDM at RentWerx in San Antonio, She has been on the job for just over 5 months now and is going...

Sep 23, 2019

Working with Property Management clients from across the U.S., we have noticed the same mistakes over and over again.  In this episode, we will dig into the top 7 things most property managers are doing wrong, and how it is hurting their chances of adding new business.  Notice anything your company does on this...

Jul 1, 2019

Brian Hughes and Brad Larson introduce this new show focused on Business Development.

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